Who is this Artemis in the new “Artemis Fowl” trailer?

I’ve been eagerly anticipating an Artemis Fowl movie for years. The first book came out when I was a teen and I just loved it: action and adventure, snarky, weird, with an unapologetically morally grey main character — but one who was also a child, learning more about the world, with time (and people around him) to grow into a better person.

Well, the movie finally finally got made, and if this trailer is any indication, it’s not for me.

  • They significantly changed the entire story. In the first book, Artemis gets into crime to continue building the family fortune and prove that fairies exist. He wants to steal their gold!
  • His father is basically a non-entity in the first few books, just a shadowy criminal who may or may not still be alive. Artemis keeps an eye out for him, but is mostly consumed with his mission. (And also, if he’s worried about anyone, it’s his poor mom!)
  • And speaking of the mission! Artemis is a bad guy! He wants to steal gold! And he’s an egotistical jerk.
  • Plus, he kidnaps a fairy! Holly, our true protagonist, who is fighting off this persistent child thief and trying to progress her career in the LEPrecon.
  • And the only reason someone needs to “save the world”? Because Artemis put it in fucking danger with his dumb, selfish decisions — again, that’s kind of the point.
  • The first book sets up a series arc where Artemis grows up, learns about the world(s), gains empathy, gets smarter, and figures out who he wants to be. And sure, he saves the world a few times — but not with his dad, or his money, it’s with the friends/colleagues he picks up along the way.
  • Not to mention the humor. The first book opens and closes with notes from Artemis’ therapist. It’s kind of silly, a bit Evil Overlord-y, but a clever way to introduce our anti-hero. I didn’t catch any sarcasm or wit in this trailer.

It’s not just a matter of being different than how I imagined. I don’t understand why they used the books as a base for this movie at all.

What do you think? Are you an Artemis book fan?

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