Spooky Sisters Film Club: “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” (1971)

In this series, we watch classic movies from the horror, mystery, and thriller canon for the first time and recap them with our top five impressions.

Let’s get weird!

For this installment I watched “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”, a 1971 Vincent Price cult classic.

  1. The sets and overall design of this movie make it worth watching. Artistically it is stunning. I would like to request a new wardrobe that is an exact replica of Vulnavia.
  2. Dr. Phibes uses the ten plagues of the Old Testament as his revenge inspiration. However, I feel like he makes them far more diabolical than the Old Testament God did. Also, I think the plague theme could make this movie appropriate for Passover…
  3. What the fuck is up with his creepy animatronic band? While we’re at it, I would find having to play the organ in order to descend into my bedroom extremely annoying. What if you’re tired and just want to go to bed? What if you have a headache and just want silence? No, you must play the organ in order to get to your room. That is a huge flaw in that home’s design as far as I’m concerned. 
  4. The reveal of Phibes’ face is EVERYTHING. I won’t give any spoilers because I really recommend watching this movie, but it is gross and amazing all at the same time. Phibes could have had a really good make-up tutorial YouTube channel, just sayin’.
  5. I need everyone to watch this so we can talk about the ending… I know they were setting up for the sequel and it was 1971 but um, whaaaat? It is so ludicrous, occult-y, and egyptomania-y but also perfect?

I also watched the sequel (shout out to my local public library who had the two disc set) and have decided that this is my new favorite movie franchise. While the sequel’s plot has way more holes, it is a beautiful and ridiculous romp.

Leave us a comment, astral project, or contact us on social media to let us know your favorite ridiculous movie franchise and give us recommendations of what I should watch next!

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