Spooky Sisters Binge Club

Spooky friends, there’s simply too much entertainment out there. How does someone watch the shows, read the books, and also do all the life stuff? Must be magic.

Runaways, season 3 (Hulu)

Promotional image courtesy of Hulu

I confess: I’ve never seen the Marvel movies and I don’t know who the Avengers are. But I do have a Hulu subscription and once I checked out this show on a whim, I was hooked. You all, it’s so fucking weird. Magic, aliens, genetically-engineered dinosaurs, psychic mind links, witches, mysteries, and evil parents! And just when you think it already has everything, they go ahead and add TIME TRAVEL. (No spoilers about who, how, or when though!)

I binged the entire first 3rd season already and am about to start my second watch. The visual effects are impressive and not super cheesy, the emotional stakes are high, and the characters are realistic, if annoying, teens. Even if you’re not a fan of Marvel or superheroes, give it a chance. Or check out the comic!

Once Upon A Time, season 1 (Netflix, for now)

Once Upon A Time originally aired on ABC

Once Upon A Time is a strange, real-world take on all the fairy tales we know and love. Seriously, all of them. The premise is simple: an evil queen cursed all the people in the fairytale realm and transported them to our world, modern day Maine, and wiped their memories, giving them new identities. She did this primarily to keep Snow White and Prince Charming from being happy together.

This show is cheesy as hell. But it also works, as weird as it is. Imagine a fairy tale world where Snow White, Mulan, Pinocchio, Aladdin, and Jiminy Cricket all live (to name just a few). It’s the strangest mash-up of classic fairy tales and Disney creations, and it wouldn’t work at all without the show’s emotional center, Henry, a child who is determined to return everyone to fairyland.

What else? Well, I saw Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker last night. I have a lot of thoughts! And I cried several times. I’m a huge SW fan, going back to elementary school, when I read all the extended universe books. Including the ones about Luke’s Jedi Academy, where he trains Han and Leia’s twins. Yeah, I’ve been a supernerd forever.

Spooky holidays, everyone! Remember to leave out dumplings for the hungry ghosts.. or else..

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