Our favorite quotes from “The Haunting of Hill House”

Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House” is like the house in it’s title: it contains more than it seems. The story is practically overflowing with creepy, chilling quotes, especially when it comes to describing this malevolent, hulking, grand house.

It was an act of moral strength to lift her foot and set it on the bottom step, and she thought that her deep unwillingness to touch Hill House for the first time came directly from the vivid feeling that it was waiting for her, evil, but patient.

“You know,” Theodora said slowly, “up until the last minute—when I got to the gates, I guess—I never really thought there would be a Hill House. You don’t go around expecting things like this to happen.”

“But some of us go around hoping,” Eleanor said.

It’s charming, Eleanor thought, surprised at herself; she wondered if she was the first person ever to find Hill House charming and then thought, chilled, Or do they all think so, the first morning?

‘Look. There’s only one of me, and it’s all I’ve got. I hate seeing myself dissolve and slip and separate so that I’m living in one half, my mind, and I see the other half of me helpless and frantic and driven and I can’t stop it, but I know I’m not really going to be hurt and yet time is so long and even a second goes on and on and I could stand any of it if I could only surrender——’

He had been looking for an honestly haunted house all his life.

What are your favorite Shirley Jackson quotes?

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