Spooky Sisters Film Club

In this series we’ll watch movies from the horror, mystery, and thriller canon for the first time and recap them with our top five impressions.

I recently watched “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, the 1954 monster classic.

Image result for creature from the black lagoon
  1. I had no idea that this movie centered on an ichthyologist and geologist! The nerdy heart of the little girl who wanted to be an ichthyologist when she grew up skipped a beat. The movie does a really good job of representing the fields in a somewhat realistic way, looking at you Indiana Jones. 
  2. When there’s only one woman on a trip of all men and the movie is in black and white, you know there’s going to be love triangle drama. I think it’s an old Hollywood rule. 
  3. The underwater cinematography is rad. I kept thinking what it must have been like to watch this movie in 1954 and how it would have blown your mind. Upon reading the Wikipedia page I’ve come to find out that it was originally released in 3D… perhaps I need to buy a new TV and watch it again?
  4. They were on a boat in the uncharted waters of the Amazon and Kay’s hair was fantastic all the time. Do you think she had hot rollers in her cabin? How did she manage to ward off the advances of a creepy scientist and a creepy monster and still have impeccable hair?!
  5. The movie does a really good job of presenting the Frankenstein/ Beauty and the Beast questions of who are the real monster. Essentially, humans suck. 

I love creature features and this was no exception. I’ve recently learned that there was an ill-received sequel produced, I think I’m going to have to check it out. My biggest take away is the disappointment in myself for waiting so long to see it!

Leave us a comment, astral project, or contact us on social media to let us know your favorite creature feature (mine is The Invisible Man) and give us recommendations of what I should watch next!

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