Spooky Sisters Binge club!

Caught anything good on TV lately? I sure have. Not only is it a golden age for shows in general, there’s more good, weird, spooky, horror stuff to watch than ever before!

Image courtesy of Netflix

First up, The Order. It’s got ALL the weird shit: secret societies, magic, werewolves, family drama, curses… I mean, what isn’t part of this show’s mythology? Netflix recently released the entire season 2 and I binged both seasons at once. It’s not perfect, but it is quite weird, offbeat, and not like anything else I’ve watched.

Here’s my warning: the main character, our bro Jack, is not the greatest person. In fact, he’s kind of a dick. Luckily, there’s a pretty large cast of characters (though side players die with alarmingly regularity) and I was completely “in” when Jewel Staite showed up.

Image courtesy of Hulu

Castle Rock season 2! Castle Rock is an anthology similar to American Horror Story, so this season has a different case of characters than the previous season, but it’s set in the same disturbed town. It’s spooky and horrifying and, at times, edge-of-your-seat tense. Plus, Lizzy Caplan is killing it as Annie Wilkes.

I liked season 1 but I’m really enjoying season 2 more, though it isn’t done yet. Hulu painfully releases one episode per week, so unlike The Order, I only binged a handful. And now I’m waiting for my next fix of creeping sense of dread..

Have you watched either of these? What’s your take?

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