Episodes 12 & 13 are now out!

That’s right, we published TWO new episodes in the last 2 weeks!

“The Witch Who Came In From the Cold”, created by Max Gladstone and Lindsay Smith, is a serial set during the Cold War, where a secret witch war is also raging. And it’s hard to keep straight who is on which side of what war.. check it out on SerialBox. (Have you noticed we’ve been on a major witch kick lately?)

“The Halloween Tree” by Ray Bradbury is a dark, lively, fictional exploration of Halloween through history and human mortality. Theoretically, it’s a children’s book, but this shit gets dark! How much would you give to help a friend? (Plus, like I said, history! It’s not 100% accurate and Day of the Dead is not really equivalent to American Halloween, but if you can look past that, the writing is lyrical and lovely and the story will stick with you.)

What do you think of our book club picks this month? What would you like to see in the future?

And are you excited for episode 14, Akata Witch? Available for download in early November!

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