Spooky Sisters Film Club

In this series we’ll watch movies from the horror, mystery, and thriller canon for the first time and recap them with our top five impressions.

For our first installment I’ll tell you about my experience watching “Child’s Play” (the original 1988 version) for the first time. 

  1. For a very long time I thought this movie was called “Chucky” due to one movie in the franchise (that I have also never seen) being called “Bride of Chucky”. I now know it is called “Child’s Play”and will stop calling it the doll’s name.
  2. Had I known this movie was so heavy on the occult I probably would have watched it a lot sooner. None of the memes, clips, or montages ever led me to believe that there was such a strong black magic undercurrent! Always, lead with the occult.
  3. Everyone in this movie is either really weak or that doll was enchanted with the strength of all the demons in hell. How is it so strong? The doll was somehow stronger than a grown man but also plush, I had to suspend my disbelief to be okay with the fight scenes. 
  4. However, having grown up in Chicago, a kid riding public transportation alone with a doll and wandering the streets is actually totally believable. No one would bat an eye at that, and in the 80’s forget it…
  5.  The mom is a badass. She made a big mistake by buying a plush toy from a hobo, however she made up for it by being a cool mom who believes her son and will do whatever it takes to protect him. 

I guess now I have to watch the sequels because at the end I said out loud, “well how the hell did they get a movie franchise out of this?!” but also because I loved it.

If you have any recollections of your first time watching “Child’s Play” or recommendations of what I should watch next leave us a comment, astral project, or contact us on social media.

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